What is BSn?

What is BSn?

It is a full service, one-stop, source of "state-of-the-art" Internet solutions. BSn is technology heavy with strong research and development.

Based in Munich our customer base is international: from all four corners of the planet.

With a vision of nomadic information appliances BSn was founded in 1992 with the immediate aim to develop and implement Wide Area Information Management Solutions "As Easy to Use As The Telephone" to help manage the vast resources of information stored in corporations, government bodies, libraries and other institutions.

Path to this vision was our technology for transient mobile connectivity developed for pen computers (PODS or "pen operated devices") where the content and software would be updated when they are "sleeping". The model reminded one of the founders of the classic 1956 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". So the codename "BSn" was born in Autumn 1991. First the letters then the name. Letters in search of a name. By 11 March 1993 we launched together with GRiD Systems at CeBit '93 as "BSn: Basis Systeme netzwerk"-- to immediate high visibility in magazines, radio and TV reports throughout Europe as "information revolutionaries".

From being one of the first Internet service providers in Germany, to running one of the first dozen web server in the world, early developer of pen based systems, WAIS/Z39.50, SGML/HyTime, author of the first MAIL to HTML program (See the W3c archive), one of the earliest developers of streaming MPEG-3 (when it was still a developing CODEC at the Frauenhofer Institute) to being one of the first to deploy XML (before it was even called XML).. government information systems (GILS). Active in a host of Opensource projects including Python, wxWindows (now wxWidgets), SWIG and many more. Co-developer of Isite/Isearch.. co-developer of (original) wxPython... Whois++, ASF search technology.. OAI, SRW/SRU, A9, Geospatial systems and developing the future of alerting systems (CAPS) with OASIS and ISO... and and and.. active in many standards groups and consulting world wide on metadata. Defining the future. Creating the future.

Applying our technology we're set to launch a personal news service and push the technology bar over the top. The vision continues. We've developed a pretty neat appliance for doing search and routing information. High speed XML search and routing on a machine drawing 10 watts of power? That's our BLAU Appliance. Our ideas never stop.

BSn develops Search and Retrieval Technology,
creates strategies, visions and ground solid applications for
commercial internet applications. Quality solutions.

We're maybe a little unconventional but also very
steeped in tradition. We're obsessive about customer satisfaction and doing things "right". We stand by our work with pride. Our key software development emphasis are upon quality, robustness, security, scalability and accessibility built on a foundation of open systems/interoperability and "objective" cost/benefit (amortization on investment). We look beyond the horizon of today's frilly trends to make systems for tomorrow. We build solutions that make more than cents.